Monday, March 25, 2013

Palm City Farms Boatramp Road PENDING

PALM CITYS HORSE TALK SUNFLOWER HOMES AND EQUESTRIAN, LLC . So happy to announce a new JUST PENDING, 4501 Boatramp Road, Palm City, Florida. When my client called to inquire about property in Palm City Farms, I immediately thought this home was perfect for the buyer. Listening to your client's criteria is almost like a physician making a diagnosis. I felt this home was perfect for them and immediately made an appointment to view the property. I always want my client to be confident that their choice is perfect for them. Therefore, I made a list of other properties that were in the criteria that they wanted. The response was exactly what I thought it would be with this property. I showed it one time and within a day had the offer. The seller agreed so we will be closing early and no financing in this one. Congrats to Palm City Farms and a new neighbor. Palm City is a strong equestrian area. We have representation of many equine sports. We are a small community plus deed restricted for those that love animals and the Town and Country Lifestyle. I would enjoy helping you find your place or your dream home or farm.We have both. We have small, medium, large, and equestrian estates. We are a mix of various sports but the love of animals. Come to Palm City and see our amenities. I think you will like it. Why not, horses, ocean, shopping, sports right here. It is a healthy lifestyle. Carol Barron Cross, Broker, Sunflower Homes and Equestrian, LLC
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