Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Do You Know Equestrian Demographics? Take a look

Palm Citys Horse Talk News 5/1/12 Shown above is one of South Florida's GRAND Equestrian Facilities that is for Sale. 73 acres, 50 Stalls, 28 paddocks, Broodmare Barn, Huge Hay/equipment barn and more. Find this beauty in Ft. Pierce, Florida. Appointment Please. Listed: Sunflower Homes and Equestrian, LLC, Palm City, Florida Http://www.mysunflowerfarmfl.com THE EQUESTRIAN AUDIENCE IS A RIDER, OWNER, TRAINER, GROOM OR SPECTATOR 85% are women 66% have a college degree A majority are between 34-54 years of age Spends $1.4 billion a year on horse-related products Average income is $185,000 38% have a net worth over $500,000 56% are employed full time 80% make or directly influence purchasing decisions at work The market value of the average home is $594,000 22% own two or more homes Average 30 nights per year in a hotel Own three vehicles. 53% own a pick up truck 40$ own a farm; 66% of those are ten acres or more Own an average of four horses Compete at least six times per year 63% have traded stocks, bonds or mutual funds in the last year 94% own a pet besides a horse or pony Palm City, Florida and Ft. Pierce, Florida boasts some of the most beautiful equestrian properties. Both are close to Wellington, Florida but enjoy more space to train and ride. Sunflower Homes and Equestrian, LLC specializes in the sale of equestrian property. At this time, Royale Equestrian Facility, LLC in Ft. Pierce is for sale. In Palm City, a 15 acres Gentleman's luxury estate is for sale. Contact Sunflower Homes and Equestrian, LLC for more information. Remember, all must have appointments. 772 283 6582
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